About Us

Easyniftytrading is established in 2010 with its registered office at Pune along with an operational setup in Nagpur catering to over few hundred clients all over the globe.
Easyniftytrading is engaged in the below mentioned activities:
1. Positional Nifty Trading Software is our flagship product which is developed in-house and has received overwhelming response from the trading community. This product is marketed under the brand and website www.easyniftytrading.com
2. Out of intense research and analysis, we have developed an Intraday trading technique for stocks which consistently delivers Rs.900 on a mere capital of Rs.20000.
We are also the pioneers in designing a strategy called as “TPT” which if applied on positional trading on Nifty or Bank Nifty, yields amazing returns consistently.
Easyniftytrading proudly conducts training courses for these techniques with a life time support.
3. Consultancy Services related to Stock Markets (Equity, Futures, Options, Currency and Commodities
4. Easyniftytrading in the broking business of stocks and commodities. We are the only ones who offer trading facility at rock bottom margins which cannot be found anywhere in Indian stock market

About Founders of Easyniftytrading:

Mr Lokesh Deshmukh:ld111
Based in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Lokesh looks after the marketing and implementation aspects of MoneyMart Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd. Lokesh has a vast and enriching experience in the field of Investments and broking for past 10 years. Lokesh specializes in the field of portfolio management and broking and has instrumental contribution in the success of our flagship product PROP which is marketed through the platform of easyniftytrading.com

Mr.Ashutosh Gadgil:

Based out of Pune, Maharashtra, and being an active trader and investor in the stock market since 2005, he has proudly developed some trading techniques and strategies which are aimed to generate stable and consistent returns for the traders. Ashutosh specializes in the implementation of both investor training programs and market-beating advanced trading strategies in equity and its derivatives.